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Real Estate Closings & Refinances

Sarantopoulos & Sarantopoulos, LLC has been assisting individuals and businesses in Connecticut with real estate transactions since opening their doors in 1994. Services we offer include Residential Real Estate, Sale By Owner Representation, Construction Contracts, Mortgage Refinancing Documents, Real Estate Settlements, Selling Property / Buying Property, Boundary Disputes, Mortgage Closings, Real Estate Contracts, Commercial Real Estate and Mortgage Documents. 

Real Estate Paralegal, Melinda French,  gets the ball rolling on your Real Estate Closings and Refinances

Melinda became affiliated with Sarantopoulos & Sarantopoulos, LLC in 2016, bringing with her 20+ years of expertise in the real estate field. As an independent real estate paralegal, Melinda is the point of contact for real estate clients who are purchasing, selling or refinancing their homes throughout eastern Connecticut. She regularly works with local, regional and national banks, credit unions, mortgage brokers and financing institutions to ensure that the mortgage process is a smooth one for the client. She is trusted and recommended by the local realtors as the go-to real estate paralegal in northeast Connecticut, and Sarantopoulos & Sarantopoulos, LLC is fortunate to have Melinda as the key person in our closing department! She is a true asset that, along with Attorney Christian Sarantopoulos, makes Sarantopoulos & Sarantopoulos, LLC unique in being able to offer the very best representation for our real estate clients. Melinda, her husband and daughter reside in Danielson, CT. 

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