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Our Personal Injury Practice

Helping Our Fellow Citizens Pursue Compensation For Personal Injuries

One minute you are enjoying a sunny day with your family. The next minute your life has changed forever. Every day, people all across the nation suffer unexpected injuries — sadly because of the negligence of others.

And such unnecessary injuries happen for many reasons. Drivers get behind the wheel of a car and cause a drunk driving accident because they consumed too much alcohol. People cause collisions because they are texting or taking selfies behind the wheel and not paying attention to the road. Another type of accident can happen due to medical malpractice actions involving negligent physicians who have failed to order necessary tests to properly diagnose a medical condition.

Fortunately, legal recourse is available.

Our family's history in Killingly, Connecticut, dates back many decades. We have lived and worked in the community for many years and take pride in giving back to our community and using our years of legal experience to advocate for our friends, family and fellow citizens who have suffered injuries.

Whether you've been injured in a car accident or a workplace incident, we'll help you follow the proper procedure to take your case to court. Our team offers local representation for people in this area, and your case will get our full attention. We'll travel to your location, and your initial consultation will be free of charge. Sarantopoulos and Sarantopoulos, LLC is located in Danielson, CT,

Local Representation

At Sarantopoulos & Sarantopoulos, LLC, we can help. We can't turn back the clock and change what happened, but we can help you pursue compensation to pay for the financial difficulties that may lie ahead for you and your loved ones.

and we offer flexible appointment scheduling for our clients' convenience. Call us today to make an appointment with an accident attorney from our firm. No matter the issue you're having, we'll thoroughly review the facts and plan a strategy for your case. 

Helping Local Residents Recover For Car, Truck And Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Every year, tens of thousands of individuals receive treatment in emergency rooms for injuries sustained in auto accidents. Broken bones, bruises, back injuries, brain trauma, paralysis and even death occur.

And they don't just happen to anyone — they happen to the people we know and care about.

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