Our Criminal Law Practice

Representing Killingly And Eastern Connecticut Residents With Criminal Matters For Over Two Decades

Whether it's a simple speeding ticket, DUI or more severe criminal offense involving drugs, many people aren't sure what to do when they are facing charges.

Should I just pay the fine? Should I plead guilty? These are really great questions often asked. However, to truly know what option to pursue, you'll need the expertise of a local criminal defense lawyer who understands the laws, procedures and defenses available.

Utilizing Our Experience And Knowledge To Give Back To Our Community

At Sarantopoulos & Sarantopoulos, LLC, we know what's at stake. A criminal record can have detrimental effects on your future. Loss of employment and skyrocketing increases to auto insurance rates are on the list of potential repercussions.

Our lead attorney, Christian Sarantopoulos, and his staff have helped many individuals in your same situation. Born and raised in Killingly, Connecticut, Christian takes pride in utilizing his two decades of experience and knowledge in the practice of law to provide advocacy to his friends, neighbors and fellow citizens in Killingly, Danielson and throughout Windham County.

Our Criminal Defense Practice

We assist with a myriad of criminal defense matters, but often help with charges involving:

  • Drugs

  • Drunk driving

  • Assault

  • Breach of the peace

  • Larceny

  • Burglary

  • Domestic violence

Reach Out To Our Staff For A Free Consultation

If you are facing a criminal charge, we invite you to contact Christian and our staff by calling 860-932-2788. We can speak with you about your individual situation and offer guidance on the next steps and solutions available under the law to help mitigate any future penalties you could be facing.

We offer free consultations at our office or in jail.

Feel free to also send us an email.


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