Helping Eastern Connecticut Residents Pursue Compensation For Medical Errors

When we are in the care of any medical professional, whether it is a doctor, nurse practitioner or pharmacist, we trust that we will receive top-notch treatment.

This doesn't always happen. In fact, recent data shows that every year more people in the United States are killed by medical errors than die in car crashes.

Common types of medical errors include:

  • Surgical errors, whereby a doctor operates on the wrong part of the body or fails to follow sanitary measures that lead to sepsis
  • Failure to diagnose conditions, whereby a doctor fails to identify signs of a heart attack or fails to order appropriate testing that would've detected cancer cells
  • Birth injuries, whereby a physician or nurse fails to take measures to identify fetal distress during labor or causes permanent injury to the baby during delivery
  • Pharmaceutical errors, whereby a licensed pharmacist fills an incorrect prescription or incorrect dose that causes injury or death to a customer

Fortunately, our staff at Sarantopoulos & Sarantopoulos, LLC, can help. Lead attorney Christian Sarantopoulos works with a team of consultants who possess extensive knowledge of the rules, regulations and procedures pertaining to medical malpractice litigation.

We understand that many families and victims in Killingly, Danielson and throughout Windham County, Connecticut, are in shock after incidents such as these. We all put our ultimate trust in medical professionals and never expect injury to occur.

Contact Our Office — Even If You're Uncertain About Filing A Claim

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We can schedule a free face-to-face consultation to talk with a lawyer about what happened. In many cases, individuals are simply unsure what to do or even if they have a claim. Come see us; our team will utilize experience and knowledge to find solutions to help you.

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